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Totally Uplevel Your Coloring Sesh

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Am I correct in assuming that virtually everyone likes coloring, even if they don’t fess up to it? I mean, stick a marker in someone’s hand, slap a coloring page in front of them, and I’m pretty sure 100% of the population would start filling in the empty spaces.

Don’t challenge me on this one; I need to visualize the whole world sitting down to color together.

Here are some reasons I am loving the continuing phenomenon that is coloring for adults:

  • Coloring is an amazing way to slow down and practice being present.
  • People who “don’t think they are creative” or who have suffered from some kind of art trauma can enjoy feeling creative pressure-free.
  • So many self-published coloring book makers have contributed really cool, unique designs to the marketplace that wouldn’t have seen the light of day before self-publishing was free and easy.
  • A whole slew of art supplies geared especially for coloring book people have popped on the scene, thereby bridging the enormous gap between professional art supplies and elementary school supplies.
  • Anything that gets us off screens is lovely.

Imagine my delight when a company (Ohuhu) emailed me out of the blue asking if they could send me 320 markers, a set of black liner pens, and their marker paper pad. If the idea of this happening to you makes you drool, you are my people.

As soon as I received this present from the gods, my kids and I tucked in and started coloring and doodling. As is wont to happen while coloring, all sorts of creative ideas started pinging in my brain, and I decided to dream up the ultimate coloring nook.

What would it include? What would make for an amazing creative, cozy little space where one could curl up and color for hours?


Remember all the way back to 2 paragraphs ago when I mentioned the markers I scored? These are they. How many of you just gasped at all the pretty colors? Here are the details:

  • These are alcohol markers by Ohuhu
  • They include 320 colors, plus a clear blender.
  • They are dual-ended, with one end fine tip and the other angled chisel.

For coloring book colorers who enjoy using markers, this is a fantastic choice. You don’t especially need professional illustrator-grade markers for coloring books, but it gets boring to rely on the limited colors and cheap quality of student markers.

I love that these are refillable and blendable, and they come in a zip carrying case and include color-swatching cards! We had so much fun coloring with these all through Christmas. Besides some cool abstract coloring pages I printed out for my kids, we filled up half the marker pad with random doodles.

ohuhu markers in carrying bag and sketchpad with doodles and color swatches

Unusual Coloring Books

These two coloring books are a departure from the myriad mushroom, dragon, and cutie cute coloring books out there, and steer us over into art and design territory. They are Zen Lines: A Journey through Modern Japanese Art: Japanese Modern Art Coloring Book for Adults and Abstract Structures: A Geometric Coloring Odyssey.

2 coloring book covers for adults - Zen lines and Abstract Structures

Draw Your Own Coloring Book

For those who have colored through every single coloring book in existence, you may be ready to move onto drawing your own coloring pages. Don’t be intimidated! In this book by Jeanette Nyberg (Oh, that’s me, huzzah!) you will be guided step by step through several easy doodly exercises that you can then color in, and I am brilliant for this idea, right?

Anyway, it is called Draw Your own Damn Coloring Book. Despite the title, there are no swear words inside because I took the one bad swear word out, and I’m sorry it was in there in the first place and offended some people even though there was a swear word IN THE TITLE. 😐

draw your own coloring book on table with paper, ruler, markers, and colored page

Sound Healing and Daylight

Pop in some earbuds and let the sounds of singing bowls or binaural beats soothe you while you color. I listen to sound healing tracks on Insight Timer, and the free version is more than wonderful.

Speaking of earbuds, I have the older version of these little wireless things and LOVE them. I forget they are in my ears, they never fall out, and the sound is great!

This daylight clip-on task lamp takes up minimal space and gives you 3 levels of daylight, just right for lighting up your coloring book.

small white daylight clip lamp and black wireless earbuds in case

Tea Pot and Yummy Tea

This is almost painful it’s so cozy and sweet. Brew up a big pot of loose herbal tea to slurp on the whole time you color. Lately I have been drinking lots of Blue Lotus from Schmerbals Herbals, and various mushroom teas.

A glass teapot and loose tea should probably be considered staples when coloring.

glass tea pot and loose leaf tea in a pile

Or Delicious Wine and Cool Wine Glasses

Maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe wine and some stunning pink wine glasses should be staples while coloring. This is some yummy Cab, btw.

josh cabernet sauvignon bottle and pink wine glasses


Definitely something for your ears whilst you color. I love both of these for vastly different reasons, but both are absorbing and fun. Smartless podcast and Art Curious with Jennifer Dasal: “…explore the unexpected, the slightly odd, and the strangely wonderful in Art History.”

smartless podcast cover and art curious with statue of david

More Self Care Items

Give me a cozy blanket and a foot bath spa-thingy, and I will stay rooted where I am for hours.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find a foot spa with good reviews, but this one looks like I need to buy it as an after-Christmas gift to myself. Pair it with a lovely personalized throw and it’s cozy coloring time for days.

foot bath spa and light gray throw on couch arm

Stay Nourished

Don’t forget the mini fridge and noshes. This little fridge is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and my daughter turned me on to the wonder that is Asian snack boxes.

mini frigidaire fridge and asian snack box

Lap Desk and Colored Pencil Splurge

A lap desk is a necessity for coloring book people. There is nothing more annoying than having your coloring book flopping all over your lap when you are trying to color, and this one has the added bonus of storage!

If you prefer colored pencils to markers, Caran d’Ache is always a worthwhile splurge. You will never go back to any other brand once you’ve tried these beauties.

wood lap desk and caran d'ache coloring pencils


Perhaps your friend-who-colors would like to frame some of their favorite creations. I love the look of a big white mat around a framed image. You can get this look by ordering the frames in 12×16 and using the mat for your 8.5×11 coloring pages, or you can go simple and take the mat out of an 8.5″x11″ frame for no white border.

And then there’s this chair. Sink into it with your eyes. Yes. Let it hug you while you color. (Don’t forget the foot spa from earlier.)

picture frames for coloring pages and stuffed turquoise chair

I feel like I could go on with this all day – what else to add? Candles, pets, a fireplace, slippers, plants, a sweet little throw rug. So many more things to add to the coloring nook!

curated collage of creative objects with text that reads: Coloring Nook Necessities; This is so Fun

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