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Welcome! I’m Jeanette Nyberg

I’m a lifelong artist and long-time blogger, writing about creativity, art, design, daily life, and anything I find fascinating and fun and hilarious and good.

I’m recently single as a 50-something year old, and my kids and I are living with my lovely sister in the tiniest corn town anyone has ever seen.

I’m all trying to reinvent myself as the kids say, and sharing my favorite things along the way.

I happen to be obsessed with self discovery, mental health, art and design, and semi-inappropriate humor, so you will get lots of that here. You’ll also get some of this:

  • office supplies
  • lists
  • beverages
  • herbs + tinctures
  • Target
  • animals
  • nature
  • home
  • books
  • printables
  • homeschool tales
  • me chatting at you

P.S. My favorite color is gray and I usually include at least one run-on sentence in each post if you are lucky.

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