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I want to know about you. I want you to tell me anything about yourself, because I like to know who’s reading my crap here, and I want to be able to invite myself over to your house for a white wine spritzer.

If you haven’t already read my About Me page, why don’t you head there first to see if you want to even deal with me, and if so, come on back and tell me about yourself.

If your mind goes blank at such open-ended questions, here are some prompts:

My name is ___

I am ___ years old

I like to pet ___

I eat old ___

Never mind. Come up with your own stuff. Share a story, confess an old crime, tell me what led you here. You get the idea, and I’m happy to have you here.

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  1. I hope I am in the right place. I am here for the “About Me” portion of this experience. I can’t remember how I came to follow Craftwhack or subscribe to your newsletter. I can’t remember many many many many things these days. If I had to hazard a guess it would be that I saw a link your post on some other Facebook page and followed it. I love your blog and your Facebook page(s). They bring me joy and chuckles galore. Now a bit about me…my name is Cyndy. I am a born and raised Oregonian. I have lived in 10 different towns in Oregon over my 47 (on Sunday) years. I was born in Portland. Now I live west of Salem about halfway to the coast. I don’t think I could ever live in an inland state because being on the edge near the ocean is the best. But never say never. I went to college for about 3 years, majoring in graphic design. I’ve been a little artist since I was a wee child. My first masterpieces were of naked girls and boys when I was about 5 years old. I did not graduate from college, however. I fell into a pretty bad depression my third year and dropped out. From there I got low paying secretarial jobs in the big city, met my husband, got married, started having babies, and have been a stay-at-home-mom ever since dabbling in many kinds of art forms when I have the time and energy. Because I am a huge lover of independence and the diy attitude, I homeschooled my 4 children for a large portion of their lives. I have a 20 year old taking classes and working, a 17 year old in high school, a 13 year old in middle school, and a 9 year old in a homeschool charter school, which is a new thing out here. We live on 33 acres with 2 dogs, 3 cats, many chickens, a horse, an alpaca, and 2 goats. My husband is an electrical engineer with the power company. I love food, I’ve gotten into lower carb eating the last few years because perimenopause is trying to turn me into a large man with one facial hair. I love art and crazy, funny things. I love to hike…big, steep climbing hikes that make me sweat like a sumo wrestler, but make me feel more alive than anything. And some hikes are obscure and hard enough that we won’t see another soul, which is an extra special treat. I ran 3 10k’s by myself (not in an event) in the last 2 months. Climbing hikes made that possible. I never thought I would EVER run that far without stopping. I am not a naturally athletic person. I am pretty slow, but I’m like that tortoise fellow. I love fun and laughing and making fun of stuff. I hate meanness, dishonesty and pretentiousness. I am a potty mouth. I try to find a bit of joy in each day, which is a challenge for me, but I gotta. I love red wine and tequila in ICE (a sugar free fizzy beverage)…peach lemonade and grapefruit are the best. (I used to drink margaritas, but now that’s too much sugar, so a sugary one is now a rare treat). I make kombucha and my own almond milk. I used to make my own soy milk, but I like almond better and it’s easier to make. Ice cream is the best thing ever invented. I would marry my Vitamix if I could. I just got a pressure cooker on Black Friday, so that will be my newest adventure. Is that enough stuff about me? I feel like maybe I should have written more…HA! JK!

  2. Oh, thank you! Thank you! I feel like this could be a really cool area where our brand of like-minded people can just come find some community. I had so much fun reading your comment and getting to know more about you- I think other people will, too. 🙂 Let me try to replace your current comment with your old one, and I will delete this weird little convo we are having, and try to get more people to come comment. Yay!

  3. Hello my friend! So far your demographic is artsy 47 year olds. Yeah! I am 47, too, live on the east coast in a preppy New England town in Connecticut, but I feel that I was wrongly placed in this town 42 years ago when my family came over here from Holland. I should really be living in California. I am much more hippy than I am preppy. I have three kids 17, 14, and 10. Two are in the dreaded middle school and one is a Junior in HS. When she leaves for college I will cry a river. She is my co-parent (not to downgrade my husband’s status as a parent, he’s a good egg – but more like an older brother sometimes). I have a blog, Art Bar, I teach art to 4yr olds, I wrote a book recently. My biggest dream in life has always and will forever be to own a retail shop that sells the best stuff ever (art supplies, handmade things, art, books, cool furniture) with an annex or loft where I can teach my art classes. It’s not looking good for this dream as rents in my town are ridiculous, but still… I will never lose hope! Love you Jeanette, you are the absolute most original and best person ever! xx Bar

  4. Hey there! You’re officially one of the people I will sign up with disqus and have to come up with passwords and stuff for. But I’m 37….so I’m widening your demographic by 10 whole years! 3 boys – 8, 5, 2, live in NJ. I just ate the cookie I bought for my 2 year old. It was just sitting there like an hour later, untouched. It was maple gingersnap, which I didn’t even know was a thing. It was delicious and I don’t regret a thing.

  5. Hello! I’m Meredith. I’m 36 and have 3 children. I look forward to dropping them off at school everyday and starting my own day with a hot cup of tea. I would pet cats if my husband wasn’t terribly allergic. My kids think they will be able to torment me into getting them a dog, but they don’t realize they will never, never have a dog until they live on their own. Jeanette, you are the best!

  6. I’m another 40 something in the crowd. I had two kids late in life who are now 4 and 6. They are with me 24/7 so you will occasionally find me locked in the bathroom for a moment of peace and quiet. I now wear a pair of Crocs around the house because I’m tired of stepping on Lego pieces leftover from my kids masterpieces. Oh, and my house is in desperate need of decorating but my husband and I drastically differ on design choices.

  7. I’m Megan. And I’m sooooooo tired. I loved reading everyone else’s comments, do not think I have the brain power to be witty or interesting. But I big red puffy heart you. And all your whacks. Unless you take away caps lock Wednesday.

  8. Am I the oldest follower you have?!? Seriously?! I’m Christy, 60, single parent of an amazing 30-year-old daughter. I’m a nanny, just like Mary Poppins. I have taught every age of kid from birth to high school in almost every conceivable setting. I love reading about creative people and their cool ideas but I seldom attempt any on my own. Some of my favorite things: books, libraries, chocolate, popcorn, cats, the Pacific Ocean, children (especially 3-year-olds).

  9. My name is ___Bonnie

    I am ___ 47 years old

    I like to pet ___ my children

    I eat old ___ vitamins

    Jeanette is indeed one of a kind ~ a shiny brilliant star in this abundant Universe.

  10. My name is Marcy
    I’m 50 years old
    Divorced, with kids and now engaged to the love of my life!
    Wedding to follow his kidney transplant next year.❤
    I love to pet zebras when no one is looking.
    I love this blog!
    You can come over anytime for wine spritzer!

  11. My name is Lynn. I am quickly hitting 60 awesome years old! I am currently in a “remodeling” stage of life with knee replacments and some fusion in my lower spine. What is awesome is that I will be able to get back in my studio pain free- wahoo!! I am entering my 34th year of teaching middle school art and I have been a working artist since 1980 with the exception of the past two years.I am a step grandmother to four and great grandmother to one. Married to a wonderful man. Life is great!

  12. Hi… my name is Beth. I can’t draw a line to save my life but crochet madly. I’ve always tried to supply my kids (now 40 & 37) with art and craft materials and to provide as many opportunities as possible for their creative outlets. Now doing the same with two grandkids who live in the same town (Columbus, OH). One attends an Arts Impact Middle School and hopes to pursue art in some form. The younger one is creative with clothing, nails, and make-up, although she loves to draw, too. She has drawn eyebrows on their snow-white cat 🙂 She enjoys using the supplies, templates, projects, etc that I find for them. I am 65, walk with a cane because of a severely arthritic knee and sciatica, keep my hair the red it has always been. I eat old chocolate… literally… I stash it away, and when I get a craving, I find dark chocolate from long-gone post-holiday sales. I have a cat to pet… he’s a rescue, now 16 months old. My daughter is still very artistic, winning cubicle-decorating and pumpkin-decorating contests at work; she loves holidays and decorating and also uses any materials etc I can find. I find artistic solace in crocheting hats, scarves, and so on for loved ones, and have donated probably 35 caps to a program or sick kids dealing with hair loss. I love living in a large city. I don’t drive, so take many city buses to get things done. I do crossword puzzles to calm down before I check my blood pressure every evening. The love of my life passed away years ago so I continue solo on my journey.

  13. Okay, I’m officially the oldest! I turn 65 in a month and a half. I live in Alberta, Canada. I just celebrated my 45th anniversary with my husband and together we have a 40 yr old daughter who currently rents out our basement. I’m a retired school librarian who loves to puts around with drawing and acrylic painting though, I’m still in a novice stage. I love to see what others are doing and hope to pick up a few pointers along the way. I also dabble a bit with zentangle as well and find it very relaxing. I love to pet my small Havanese puppy and eat old cheese, just not at the same time or I’d have to share with her!

  14. Hi, Jeanette:
    I’ll soon be 78 years old. (Do I get a prize?) ;-}
    I’ve been a follower of your wonderful art and sass-mouthed craziness since the Tiny Rotten Peanuts days, following you into Craftwhack, now Lifewhack.
    Born a year after WWII started; glad to have at least one disaster that my mom can’t say I caused. Mom isn’t VERY mean these days; still living alone, cooking for threshers, managing her housework at age 95. She has mellowed. Thank Hecate.
    I’ve been married three times, have three beloved children, three beloved steps, thirteen adorable grand-babies who call me Granny Bee, and two totally huggable greats ages 3 and 7. I can’t count high enough to relate the number of nieces and nephews who call me Aunt Bee or Aunt Buzz.
    Would love to have had a dog when I was able to care for one, but hubby is a cat fancier.
    Can’t draw stick figures, but please don’t kick me off the site. I love designing stationery and working with paper crafting; mostly by stealing designs I find on the WWW and altering them to fit my own craziness.
    That’s more than enough about me at this time. At my age there’s enough material to replace the complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle. (Oh. I love mysteries.)

  15. I just found your website and am obsessed! (I found it while searching for information on building my “nest”

    My name is Victoria

    I am 39 years old

    I like to pet little dogs with big names.

    I eat old…okay, so I don’t eat anything old except cheese. And drink old wine. That counts, right? Anyway, I’m sitting here in my nest right now. I work for myself so even on days when I’m sick I have to work, but I’m a creative. Marketing person and music person. I sing. I play ukulele. I do yoga and love spiritual podcasts like you. Let’s be friends!!

    1. Oh my goodness, let’s be BFFFFFS! Working from home is the absolute greatest, and so is marketing and singing and hopefully you do all of those simultaneously. Thank you for leaving an ‘about you’ comment; I get so excited when I see one roll in! Ha

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